About Festival of the Holy Name

Join together in celebration and immerse yourself in transcendental sound vibration.

Experience the maha-mantra and chant at the Festival of the Holy Name!

October 31–November 21: Alachua Community Kirtans
Every day from 7–9 PM and streamed live.

November 22–November 27: Evening Kirtan programs
Limited in-person attendance. Registration required.

November 22–November 29: Global Pandemic Kirtan
24 hours of nonstop, live-streamed kirtans from around the world.

November 28: Final Kirtan Offering
At ISKCON New Raman Reti. In-person attendance and streamed live. Registration required.

In-person events will require registration and have safety guidelines and physical distancing rules. We request that only local community members attend in-person at these events.

Festival 2020



To be announced.


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Get Involved

This festival would not be possible without the involvement of the entire community.

From the organizing team and the volunteers, to the kirtaniyas and cooks, the entire project is based on Vaisnava cooperation and assistance. We appreciate your feedback and support. Please let us know how we can help enhance your experience at next years festival.

Please contact us below to volunteer for a specific service.

There are many devotees that come from out of town every year for the Festival of the Holy Name. Please help them feel welcome to the community and encouraged to participate in the festival. Please contact us if you would help offering your support to any of these devotees in the form of opening your home for a place to stay, transportation accomodations, prasad, or contributing towards the expenses of devotees whos only occupation is spreading Krishna's name.